Attention Event Planners: Best NYC Spaces that Foster Creativity

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nt planners in NYC have a lot more choices than other organizers. This city has beautiful scenes of nature and a charming building structure that gives you a warm and peaceful environment.

Here are some best and unique event spaces in NYC where you can organize your occasion with a creative touch.

Saddle River Estate

Saddle River Estate is an utterly unique space that allows you to be productive and artistic. It gives an impressive and wonderful experience to your attendees and guests. This extravagant palace is a perfect place to be re-imagined to bring your vision into life. You can make your occasion exceptionally beautiful and delighted with its 3.5 acres of outdoor space.

This handcrafted stone fortress is best to organize a large scale wedding because of its thousands of decorative options and royal look. The best thing is that you can give the touch of fairytale to the wedding, which is the dream of every bride.

De Kooning Studio

This extravagant, artistic event space in NYC allows you to décor and adds various features to your event. De Kooning Studio is located in the heart of Union Square and has artistic moldings and artwork designs all over the place.

It allows you to arrange large scale events on its 3500 square feet area. The best part is you can use its 3000 square foot basement for storing essentials of the occasion. The guests feel delighted finding its private parking and a pretty entrance.


This beautiful rooftop allows you to experience spectacular views of East River and Manhattan Bridge. The place is perfect for capturing memories because of its picturesque setting. Your occasion will become more charming with its pretty ambiance that can light up any event. DUMBO SKY is located in the DUMBO historic district and right above the Brooklyn Bridge.

Because of the elegant décor, exposed bricks, historical details, and other features, event like corporate events, training, birthday parties, cocktail parties, and promotional events can become successful. You can be creative and imaginative on this 3,500 square feet rooftop.

The Triplex I LLC

The Triplex I LLC has a versatile and unconventional appeal that allows you to be imaginative and innovative beyond the boundaries. It will enable you to décor and play with the 10,000 square feet space. Your event will look extravagant and beautiful, with natural light coming from its large double-hung windows.

This event space in NYC is perfect for organizing live performances because of the vast area. Also, it is ideal for creating a romantic environment for weddings.

Bottom Line

The event spaces in NYC mentioned above allow you to decorate and maintain the occasion according to your choice and needs. But if you want, you can go with their traditional setting to enjoy the event without lifting your finger.

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