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About Us

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NYC's finest event venues platform

Venues NYC is the search engine for event spaces and venues in NYC. We have developed a platform designed to make booking event spaces and venues the easiest and most intuitive experience possible. Through our platform, event planners have access to an extensive range of venues, from warehouses and loft spaces to boat parties and rooftop venues. This means that they can quickly and easily find the perfect venue to bring their event to life. Our platform was developed by and for event planners and venue owners.

Who we are

Made with ♡ and experience in NYC

Venues NYC was founded by venue owners and operators in NYC. The company managed a collection of historic buildings converted into unique venues in prime locations throughout the five boroughs of New York City and beyond. In past years, our team has averaged 1,200 bookings annually and has over 6,000 bookings to date. Thousands of guests have celebrated important events, enjoyed the arts, and promoted their businesses in our spaces. Some events hosted by Venues NYC have drawn praise from producers and audiences.

Venues NYC platform is overseen by one of New York's most experienced and diversely skilled groups of property conversion and special event professionals. We bring decades of property management experience to support your business and focus our renovating, branding, promoting, and booking skills to turn your empty space into an income-generating one. Our managed venues benefit from many years of developing relationships with top local service providers, NYC permitting and licensing agencies, and the neighboring community to ensure events go as smoothly as possible.

Venues NYC was founded by Uri Zucker and Oz Levy. They have combined their unique strengths to create Venues NYC and another successful rental company, Motif Studios. Uri Zucker is an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in developing and operating venues and was the creator of BK Venues, 10 buildings located in NYC that were converted into event venues with capacities ranging from 50 to 10,000 people, including Brooklyn Expo Center, The Greenpoint Loft, Dumbo Loft, 26 Bridge, NY Expo Center, The W Loft, and more.

Uri began his career as a property manager and operator with a 2 million square foot portfolio in New York City. He served as the CEO and creator of Seret Studios and Greendesk for 10 years, which own and operate studios and coworking locations in NYC. Venues NYC's financial partner, Oz Levy, is a well-established New York City real estate owner and developer who has developed a dynamic portfolio consisting of over 30 buildings. Oz founded New City Management in 2003. As principal and founder, Oz is responsible for the acquisition and ownership of properties, overseeing operations, and managing the company's portfolio. Since its birth, New City Management has acquired 54 buildings across multiple asset classes, including mixed use, residential, and hospitality. With our combined knowledge, broad skill set, and time-tested experience, our team is ready to help you turn your spaces into the most lucrative assets in your portfolio.

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