Private Sun Drenched Full Floor Office (50 ppl)

Private Work Office

$450 /hr
4500 sqf
<60 guests
>8 hr
Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan

The venue

Our space was created with your privacy, productivity and your company’s personal goals in mind. Every floor features your own private floor, open desk workstations, conference areas with 65 inch display monitors, kitchenette, lounge, a cafe area, and two private bathrooms. The 11th floor also features 3 distinct breakout areas. Guests can customize their experience with our exclusive catering or choose to do their own. Multiple floors can be booked to accommodate guests of 20 - 120. Our space was made for your twice a month office, Company off site meeting, brainstorming session, Training session, Executive Meetings, professional events, or even small photo shoot.

Your Host



  • Air Conditioning
  • Bathrooms
  • Chairs
  • Heating

Allowed Activities

Social Event
  • Dinner
  • Cocktail
  • Reception
  • Social / Family Gathering

Cancellation Policy


Guest may cancel a booking up to 7 days before event start and will be full refunded. Cancellations made later will be refunded 50% of the booking, up to 24 hours before the event start. Cancellations made later will not be refunded.