What is the ideal wedding size?


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Weddings happen once in most people’s lifetime, and it’s realistic to plan so much for your wedding. Many people wonder what number of people they invite to their wedding, and it all depends on so many factors like the size of your family and friends. It is considered that 75 to 100 guests are very okay, but having more than 150 guests can be many people. You might invite almost 100 people to your wedding, which is realistic since you and your fiancé have friends and family that you wish would be present on such a special day.

What should you consider when deciding your wedding size?

Budget- the essential thing you should consider when deciding your wedding size is your budget. Many couples have money problems after celebrating their wedding because they needed to take the time to budget and determine how much it will cost them to invite a particular number of people. If you need more money to accommodate a considerable size, it is best that you invite just a few people, less than 75 people. This will help you budget according to your limits and plan an excellent honeymoon for yourselves.

Friends and families- some people tend to have many families and friends, and, understandably, you wouldn’t want to leave out anybody. Therefore, when planning your wedding, you and your fiancé should sit down and come up with a list of your family members and friends and merge the list to see the likely size of the wedding. If you find the list to be too big for your budget, you can consider cutting out a few distant friends and families and inviting the few friends and families who are close to your wedding venue.

Vision- your wedding is the most important day of your life, and everyone who wants a wedding in their lifetime has had a dream or imagination of what their wedding would and should look like. If you’ve always wanted a big wedding in your vision, go for it. If it has always been a small wedding, go for it and make your dreams come true. As long as your vision goes with your pocket, you can have any wedding size you wish.

How do I decide who to invite?

This can be a challenging and mind-wracking decision that can take days and weeks. But from our perspective and the Dos and Don’ts of weddings, you should consider the following.

Prioritize those who matter the most- the people who matter the most to you and your fiancé are your immediate family members, siblings, and parents. When it comes to friends, your two to three best friends should also be on the list. This group should be the first to feature in your guest list.

Other friends- when it comes to other friends, it is realistic that not all friends are friends that we would want to invite to the wedding. We regard some friends as higher than other friends, which makes a lot of sense. Therefore, only invite the friends you associate with the most and those that invite you to their events too. But if you have the budget to accommodate all your friends, then you can invite them.

Parent’s guests- your parents might also have friends and associates they want to invite to your wedding. It’s okay to invite them if you have the budget for it, or you might not have the budget, but your parents are willing to fully contribute to your wedding to accommodate their friends, which is also okay. But if both you nor your parents don’t have a budget, you should have a conversation and discuss your situation with your parents about your budget and decide to exclude their friends from your wedding.

Should kids be invited to the wedding?

This topic has been discussed for so long, and many people have different thoughts. Some say that kids are messy hence might ruin things, while others say that kids make events jovial because they are cute. It all depends on your vision and what you want for yourself. If your family and friends have kids, you can allow them to bring them too, but for very young kids below one year, getting them to the invent wouldn’t be advisable since they can cause a disturbance. But generally, kids are fun to have at the wedding.

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How many people out of the invited are likely to show up?

When you invite people, don’t expect everyone you have requested to show up; some might not show up and hence might send an apology or send only a gift to the couple. But in general, around 80% of the total guests will show up for the wedding. And sometimes, there might be more people than you expected because of the plus-one people most invited guests might decide to accompany. Therefore, you must prepare enough food and drinks for your guests and the extra people that might show up with the guests.

How do you make a wedding of 100 people fun?

Weddings are supposed to be fun. Therefore, when you have 100 guests, you can make your wedding fun by planning what activities you will do at your wedding reception, like coordinated dances for your guests or a surprise singing performance by a band or one of your favorite artists. This can make the wedding fun. You can also try playing some fun adult games and pop champagne. If there will be speeches to be given by either family, ensure that the speeches are fun and entertaining to the guests.

Some people go to the extent of hiring entertainers to entertain the guests by engaging them in fun activities like dancing and games. This makes the event quite lively. But if you don’t have the money, you can still plan fun activities at no additional cost.

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